WP7 – Project management

Project management and consortium coordination

OBJECTIVES O7.1 Strategic: Project steering to address new political scientific or technological challenges;
O7.2 Operational: Monitoring results to control the fulfilment of the planned objectives within deadlines and according to planned indicators, the scientific quality of results with regards to the worldwide state of the art, and the spent resources;
O7.3 Organizational: Optimization of infrastructural setup to support the project, with special attention paid to financial, logistics, information, coordination issues, quality and conformity to EC rules and procedures.
LIST OF DELIVERABLES D7.1 Kick-off meeting minutes: [month 2]
D7.2 Collaborative space: Description: D7.2 will provide a collaborative platform as a web-based device to allow partners secure and real-time information and exchanges. [month 3]
D7.3 First annual meeting minutes: [month 14]
D7.4 Second annual meeting minutes: [month 26]
D7.5Final General Assembly meeting minutes: [month 36]