WP6 – Dissemination

OBJECTIVES O6.1 Develop the project dissemination plan
O6.2 Deploy the project website; open-access to all project outcomes.
O6.3 Develop training material.
O6.4 Disseminate project results to MARS experts and the scientific community.
LIST OF DELIVERABLES D6.1 Public project website: Software implementation [month 3]
D6.2 Software development server: Code repository and project management tools implemented [month 6]
D6.3 Project dissemination plan: [month 12]
D6.4 Workshop Evaluation Report (End of Year 2): [month 24]
D6.5 Workshop Evaluation Report (End of Year 3): [month 36]
D6.6 Public website completed: Web site and report [month 36]

WP6 diagram