WP5 – Monitoring at EU

Evaluation of new modelling approaches for short-term yield forecast and monitoring at EU level

OBJECTIVES O5.1 Quantify, for each combination crop × country, the reliability of crop yield forecasts produced with different workflows; with the latter based on modelling solutions currently implemented in CGMS, and on improved solutions including agro-climatic indicators (from Task 1.4) and process based models (from WP2/3) for extreme events;
O5.2 Define country- and crop-specific workflows for yield forecasts.
LIST OF DELIVERABLES D5.1 Report on the evaluation of forecasts based on agro-climatic indicators: The capability of solutions based on agro-climatic indicators to forecast yields in case of extreme events will be presented and discussed. [month 18]
D5.2 Report on the evaluation of improved process based modelling solutions and of the standard CGMS ones: The reliability of forecasts based on process based models from standard CGMS and from the new modelling solutions will be presented and discussed. [month 24]
D5.3 Report on the identification of the most reliable workflows for yield forecasts: All the workflows reported in D5.1 and D5.2 and hybrid ones will be compared and discussed; the most reliable workflows for each combination crop × country × event will be identified. [month 36]

WP5 Summary