WP4 – Model evaluation

OBJECTIVES O4.1 Assess the capability of process-based modelling solutions modified by the inclusion of impact models from WP1 against reference data consisting of detailed, field scale data, and using historical series. Model evaluation will also include a comparison to existing modelling solutions and a sensitivity analysis. The latter is intended to provide possible users of the new modelling solutions with an extended form of documentation.
O4.2 Compare the existing and modified, process-based modelling solutions under scenarios of climate change, integrating the evaluation of stakeholders with respect to food security.
O4.3 Assess – at field scale – the value of yield estimates corrected ex-post via agro-meteorological indicators developed in WP1.
LIST OF DELIVERABLES D4.1 Results on model testing against experimental/observational and gridded data: Results of comparison of model evaluation between existing and modified modelling solutions [month 24]
D4.2 Results on model evaluation in future climate scenarios: Results of comparison of model estimates with respect to climate scenarios between existing and modified modelling solutions. [month 30]
D4.3 Interaction with stakeholders in the frame of food security: Comparison of between existing and modified modelling solutions with focus on potential impact on food security. [month 33]
D4.4 Report on the assessment of new modelling solutions: Final evaluation of modified modelling solution with respect to model testing, scenario analysis, and sensitivity and uncertainty analysis. [month 36]

WP4 Summary

Field datasets