WP3 – Climatic scenarios

Climatic scenarios generation

OBJECTIVES O3.1 Identify and define indices of extremes and statistics of climate variability on different time scales relevant for crop/grassland modelling based on the recommendations and guidance from WP1; to identify and process suitable climate model output for input to crop/grassland modelling systems.
O3.2 Provide time series of the key input variables for crop modelling systems (temperature, precipitation, solar radiation, wind speed and relative humidity) for the present day (around 2000) and the future (around 2030 and around 2050) for the MODEXTREME study areas based on both RCM-GCM (Regional-Global Climate Models) outputs and historical series.
O3.3 Provide guidance and recommendations on utilising RCM-GCM outputs for crop/grassland modelling.
LIST OF DELIVERABLES D3.1 Historical and perturbed baseline time series for scenario periods: Related to Task 3.2 [month 12]
D3.2 Processed RCM/GCM output: Related to Task 3.1 [month 24]
D3.3 Report on methods, guidance and recommendations: Related to Task 3.1 [month 24]
D3.4 Indices of extremes, simulated and observed: Related to Task 3.3 [month 24]
D3.5 Report on projected changes in indices/extremes: Related to Task 3.3 [month 24]

WP3 structure