WP2 – Model Implementation

Implementation of agro-meteorological models and extreme weather events capabilities

OBJECTIVES O2.1 Implement the database of weather data from WP3.
O2.2 Implement modelling platform independent software components including the models from WP1.
O2.3 Compose modelling platform independent modelling solutions using models from WP1.
O2.4 Deploy to project partners a BioMA based software application for model testing as in WP4, and for workflow building as in WP5.
LIST OF DELIVERABLES D2.1 Abiotic stress model component: version 1: Type of deliverable: Documentation and software [month 32]
D2.2 DB development: version : [month 32]
D2.3 BioMA deployment: version 1 [month 32]
D2.4 Modelling solutions: version 1 [month 32]
D2.5 Modelling solutions with adapters to other platforms [month 32]

WP2 Summary