The research of Agroscope, the National Research Institution of the Swiss Federal Office of Agriculture, is aimed at providing safe food, a healthy environment and an innovative and competitive agriculture. Within Agroscope, the Institute for Sustainability Sciences (ISS) deals with the research and implementation of the principle of sustainability in the agri-food sector. Fundamental principles are adopted as a basis of research, which eventually is aimed at developing decision-making aids for agriculture, government agencies and society. Work carried out within the Climate/Air Pollution Research Group is directed toward establishing relationship between agricultural ecosystems and the atmospheric environment.


calancaPierluigi Calanca holds a PhD in natural sciences. After joining Agroscope in 2000 his work has focused on ecosystem modelling, the assessment of climate change impacts on agriculture and agricultural meteorology. He has a long-term expertise in the statistical analysis of climate data and the downscaling of climate change scenarios. He has been involved in several EU projects and COST Actions and acted as an expert for the Commission on Agricultural Meteorology (CAgM) of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). He cooperates with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) on climate change related issues. He is member of the Editorial Board of the Italian Journal of Agrometeorology.

holzkamperAnnelie Holzkämper has a background in landscape ecology and environmental modelling. Her research focus is on studying climate change impacts on agro-ecosystem functioning and on exploring possibilities for adaptation with the help of different modelling and optimization techniques. Her work aims at providing decision-support for integrated land-use and adaptation planning.

fuhrerJürg Fuhrer is head of the Climate/Air Pollution Research Group at the Agroscope Institute for Sustainability Sciences in Zurich, Switzerland. He is a teacher at the Oeschger Center for Climate Change Research of the University of Bern OCCR), and member of the Center for Climate System Modelling (C2SM) at ETH Zurich. He acts as Editor-in-Chief for Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. His interests are in air pollution and climate risks for agroecosystems, greenhouse gas fluxes and carbon sequestration in agricultural soils.

Picture_TommyKlein_redTommy Klein has a PhD degree in Climate Sciences. His research interests are in crop modeling, climate change impacts, and adaptation of agroecosystems. He has been active in model development, providing operational modeling solutions of water, carbon and nitrogen cycling for agricultural risk management and farm advisory services.