University of Pretoria will be involved mainly in WP4 in the calibration and validation of candidate models using existing and historical data. The UP Department of Animal and Wildlife Sciences has excellent competences in animal nutrition, breeding and physiology of local and adapted breeds in commercial and smallholder farming systems. The Department of Plant Production and Soil Science is recognized as a centre of excellence for soil/water/plant studies including pasture species, and it is well known for its strong soil-water, crop, and nutrient modelling. The Unit for Geoinformation and Mapping in the Department of Geography, Geoinformatics and Metereology is important resource in making valuable contributions towards spatial data distribution, map production and the design of posters.


AbubekerHassenAbubekerHassen is Senior Lecturer in Ruminant Nutrition and Pasture Science at UP. He has MSc, PhD degree in Animal Science and Pasture Science and has done postdoc in ruminant nutrition at UP. He taught various courses in pasture science and animal nutrition and involved in mentoring postgraduate students. Dr. Hassen is an NRF rated researcher, and has authored or co-authored more than 40 refereed scientific publications (ruminant nutrition, forage, pasture evaluation). Abubekeris acontact person for MODEXTREME project at University of Pretoria and will be involved inModel testing against historical data and Model evaluation in future climate scenarios in WP4 under South African climatic conditions.

EyobHabteTesfamariamEyobHabteTesfamariam (Lecturer, PhD) fields of research include agricultural systems modeling, water and solute dynamics in agricultural lands, sustainable beneficial agricultural use municipal sludge, irrigation management, environmental biophysics, and soil physics. He has contributed key research papers to high impact journals such as Journal of Environmental Quality and American Journal of Agronomy. He received best paper award from the Protein Research Foundation of South Africa. Within the Modextreme, Eyob is responsible for the calibration and testing of candidate models in WP4 under the South African climatic conditions.

BotaiJoel OndegoBotai is a senior lecturer in the Department of Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology. He has a PhD in meteorology, MSc in Astrophysics and MSc in Engineering. Dr Botai is involved in teaching remote sensing courses to undergraduate and post-graduate students. Dr Botai engages in multi-disciplinary research ranging from earth observation, atmosphere remote sensing, numerical techniques and global change. Dr Botai has contributed papers to international journals that publish research focusing on e.g., remote sensing, Geodesy, meteorology and hydro-meteorology. DrBotai’s involvement in the MODEXTREME project will be in model testing against historical data(observation and downscaled global circulation models) and model evaluation in future climate scenarios in WP4 under South African climatic conditions.