The Climatic Research Unit (CRU) is a research centre in the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich, UK. At present CRU is composed of around 20 research staff and students. Over the last 30 years, CRU has gained a worldwide reputation for the study of climate and climate change and has produced some of the observed data sets which are used most extensively both for the globe and for Europe. CRU is deeply involved in the study of human-induced climate change and is at the forefront of work in the analysis and understanding of observed climate change and variability, climate scenario development and downscaling and in impacts on natural systems and human activities.


GoodessClare Goodess is a Senior Researcher and Research Manager with over 30 years’ experience of contract research in the CRU. Her main current research interest is in the development of projections of regional climate change and working with users and decision makers to ensure that these are used effectively and appropriately in climate change impacts and adaptation studies. She has a particular interest in past and future changes in the occurrence of extreme weather events and is a lead author on the recent IPCC Special Report on Extremes (SREX). Most recently she has been appointed as co-chair of the new World Climate Research Programme Working Group on Regional Climate. In MODEXTREME she is leading Task 3.3 on the calculation and assessment of indices of extremes.

cornesRichard Cornes has been employed as a senior researcher since completing his PhD thesis in CRU in 2010. His thesis title is ‘Early meteorological data from London and Paris: extending the North Atlantic Oscillation series’. He worked with Clare Goodess on the CIRCE FP6 project and more recently has undertaken further work with her as part of the CLIM-RUN FP7 project. In both projects, his work has focused on the calculation of indices of extreme events from observed data and regional climate model output. In MODEXTREME, he is working on Task 3.3 on the calculation and assessment of indices of extremes.