Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)

As a national agricultural resources and environmental science research center, IARRP overall mission includes studying and exploring the theories and methods in the fields of agricultural resources and environmental research, agricultural development strategy, regional planning and structural adjustment, agricultural production and practical techniques, and fosters competent agriculturists. 13 institutional level research departments have been established in the research fields of plant nutrition, fertilizer, agricultural remote sensing, soil science, agro-microbial resource, agricultural water resource, modern farming system, agricultural ecology and environment, grassland science, agricultural resources management, agricultural regional development, edible mushroom, agricultural information technology, etc. Department of Agricultural Remote Sensing and Digital Agriculture is one of the research departments in IARRP. With researches on basic theory and applied technology in the field of agricultural remote sensing, the department focuses on the methodology and technical system of monitoring and evaluating crops and their growth conditions, agricultural resources, agricultural environment, agricultural pollution and agricultural disasters, underpinned by remote sensing, geographic information science and global navigation satellite system technology. The department makes efforts to meet the national demands in agricultural sustainability and technological innovation in this research field.  In the field of agricultural remote sensing, agricultural resources remote sensing monitoring, and agricultural land use monitoring and simulation, the department is a leading research center in China, and is also in parallel with its international counterparts. China agricultural remote sensing monitoring system, namely CHARMS-China, which operated mainly by this department has become one of the 15 GEO agricultural monitoring systems.


CHENZhongxin CHEN(Professor ,PhD) research interests include the application of remote sensing and geo-informatics in agriculture, ecology and environmental sustainability, economical ecology, spatial-specific modeling and so on. His main contributions are on the set-up and improvement of the Agricultural Monitoring System in China with remote sensing and geo-technology, crop acreage change estimation, crop yield estimation and prediction with remote sensing and models, MODIS data products’ processing, validation and data-sharing in China, land use and cover change modeling and monitoring, ecosystem services evaluation, etc.. Now he is the Director of Key Laboratory of Agri-informatics, IARRP –CAAS.  He has contributed over 100 research papers in English or in Chinese. He has in charge of several national projects, including National Basic Research Program of China, International S&T Cooperation Projects of China , National Natural Science Foundation of China etc. And he has received several awards for his research results. Within Modextreme, CHEN participates in Workpackage 4 and 6.

HUANGQing HUANG (Associate Professor. PhD). She obtained her Ph.D degree in geography from Chinese Academy of Science in 2007. Her fields of expertise is mainly focus on agriculture remote sensing monitoring, crop pattern distribution, crop growth modelling, agricultural ecosystem function ect.She has participated in several research projects including National Hi-tech Development Program, National Science Infrastructure Program, other Ministerial Key Projects and International S&T Cooperation Projects. She has contributed about 40 research papers in English or in Chinese.Within Modextreme, HUANG participates in Workpackage 4 and 6.

LIUJia LIU (Associate Professor, MSc) has long-term experience (> 15 years) in agricultural remote sensing application, land use and land cover change. In recent years, she has focused on the research work of identification and mapping of crop by remote sensing and has participated in more than 30 research projects including National Hi-tech Development 863 Program, National Science Infrastructure Program and other Ministerial Key Projects and International Cooperative Projects. Within Modextreme, LIU participates in Workpackage 4 and 6.

RENJianqiang REN (Associate Professor, PhD) research interests mainly focus on application of remote sensing in management of agricultural resources such as crop yield assessment, crop growth monitoring and critical crop growth parameters retrieval by remote sensing. He has contributed over 30 research papers in English or in Chinese. In recent years, he has been coordinator or participant of more than 10 projects including National Hi-tech Development Program of China, International S&T Cooperation Program of China and Foundation for National Non-profit Scientific Institute, Ministry of Finance of China, etc. Within Modextreme, REN participates in Workpackage 4 and 6.